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Teeth Grinding

A healthy, beautiful smile starts here


A healthy, beautiful smile starts here

Good sleep is the foundation of good health

Suffering from Teeth Grinding? Sandstone Point Dental Can Help

If you’re suffering from teeth grinding, Sandstone Point Dental can help. Teeth grinding or bruxism, as it is also known, is surprisingly common. It’s thought that around half of the population grind or clench their teeth from time to time, However when bruxism becomes more frequent or more serious, it can then cause damage to the teeth.

Teeth grinding can take place when a person is awake, but it normally occurs at night and because of this, people don’t realise they are actually doing it. It’s not until their bed partner complains of continually being kept awake, that they realise they may have a problem.

What causes teeth grinding?

No-one knows for certain what causes teeth grinding. Sandstone Point dentists sometimes find it’s the result of a misaligned bite or a filling that’s too high, although stress, concentration, and the taking of illegal drugs are also thought to contribute to this habit.

What we do know for certain, is that long-term teeth grinding can cause wear and tear to the teeth. As the upper and lower teeth rub against each other, the biting surfaces and edges of the front teeth become chipped and shortened. Known as ‘attrition’, this process may cause sensitivity and cracks, while also affecting the appearance of your teeth.

Bruxism can also cause injury and strain to the jaw joint which in turn leads to clicking, pain, locking of the joint, and headaches.

That’s the bad news….

The good news is that we can help by providing you with an occlusal splint or nightguard to wear while you’re sleeping at night.

Night Guards at Sandstone Point Dental – The Procedure

While wearing a night guard won’t put a halt to your teeth grinding, it will guide your jaw into a neutral position which takes some of the pressure away from the jaw joint. It also prevents the teeth from coming into contact with one another and causing damage.

A night guard is fitted to the upper jaw and covers the biting surfaces of your teeth. It involves just 2 short appointments.

First visit
To create custom night guards, Sandstone Point dentists will first take an impression of your upper and lower teeth together with some measurements. These are sent to a lab to create your night guard.
Second visit
During a second appointment, our dentist will ensure your night guard fits closely around the gums and feels comfortable.

Will I need further treatment?

The purpose of a nightguard is to absorb the force of the grinding which means it takes the wear and tear rather than your teeth. Consequently, your splint may need replacing after years of grinding on it.

A night guard is not to be confused with a mouth guard which should always be worn by people of any age that participate in contact sports.
Custom-fitted mouthguards help prevent traumatic events which can damage teeth or even cause tooth loss.

If you’re suffering from teeth grinding in Sandstone Point or you or your child needs a custom mouth guard, then why not make an appointment with our friendly experienced dental team at Sandstone Point Dental. Call us today on (07) 5429 5628 and let us show you how we can help.


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