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Are you wondering how to make your teeth white? You’re certainly not alone. Teeth whitening has surged in popularity particularly amongst those below the age of 35 thanks to celebrity endorsements of certain products aimed at the ‘selfie’ generation and the onslaught of social media advertising. 

While there are plenty of teeth whitening treatments available some are more successful than others. This article explores various ways of getting whiter teeth and also provides some useful tips to help the results last longer. 


How to Make Your Teeth White – Popular Teeth Whitening Options


Natural remedies 

Many of the teeth whitening treatments on the market involve the use of safe chemicals, notably hydrogen peroxide, to bleach teeth whiter. But what if you want to avoid chemicals, what are your options? 

Not only are fruit and vegetables good for you (remember your 5 a day) but they can help to whiten your teeth, although granted you may not see results that quickly. 



While strawberries may stain your lips they contain an enzyme called malic acid that may make your teeth whiter. Try mashing up some strawberries and rubbing them onto your teeth. Rinse off after 5 minutes and brush and floss your teeth as normal. 


Apples and raw veg

Crunchy fruit and veg like apples, carrots and celery can also help to remove some surface staining which may leave your teeth whiter This is achieved by increasing the production of saliva which acts as a natural mouthwash. 


Try a Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

Many whitening toothpastes contain baking soda which has abrasive properties. Like natural remedies these are good for removing surface stains that may have accumulated during the day. However, if used too frequently, their abrasive nature could over time damage your tooth enamel. They work best on teeth that are already white and are not particularly effective on highly stained teeth.

Teeth whitening strips 

For whiter teeth, many people turn to whitening strips. These flexible strips are coated with hydrogen peroxide and applied to the outside of the teeth. They need to be left in place for around 30 minutes after which they’re removed and discarded. It usually takes a couple of weeks of using them before the full results are noticeable. 

The main disadvantage is that while they work well on perfectly straight teeth, they’re not as effective on crooked teeth and may produce uneven whitening.

Over-The-Counter Whitening Trays

Another method of achieving whiter teeth is to purchase trays that are filled with whitening gel and worn over the teeth like a mouthguard. Typically they need to be worn during the day or overnight for around 14 consecutive days to achieve whiter teeth. 

Whitening trays can be purchased from supermarkets and chemists but to be honest, some people are disappointed with the results. The reason for this is that over-the-counter teeth whitening products sold in Australia contain a lesser percentage of whitening agent than that of customised whitening trays supplied by your dentist. Ultimately, this makes the latter more effective at whitening teeth. 

Another issue is that you can only ever buy a ‘one size fits all’ design. However, since everyone’s teeth are different, the trays may not be a perfect fit for your teeth. As a result, the whitening gel may leak onto the gums or even get into your mouth which can cause painful burns. 


Professional Teeth Whitening

This is offered by dentists and comes with two options – in-chair whitening or custom whitening trays. 

Professional whitening is by far the most effective, reliable, and long-lasting method of teeth whitening and can eradicate ingrained staining as well as surface teeth staining. Moreover because it is supervised and monitored by dental professionals the procedure is very safe

Patients for instance need to undergo a consultation to establish that they are suitable candidates and any signs of gum disease or cavities will have to be addressed before teeth can be whitened. 

So, these are the most popular ways of whitening your teeth but remember we promised to tell you about how to make your teeth white and help them stay whiter for longer. So here are some helpful tips below… 


Cut back on drinks that stain your teeth 

If you can’t function until you’ve had a cup of coffee in the morning then don’t be surprised when your whiter teeth start to lose their lustre. 

Either cut back on coffee and other stain-inducing drinks or try drinking them through a straw, particularly for a few days immediately after teeth whitening. Doing this lowers the amount of liquid that comes into contact with your teeth and ultimately teeth will stay whiter for longer. 


Quit Smoking

If you smoke you probably suffer from stained teeth. Not only will you save a heap of cash by quitting smoking but it will drastically improve the appearance of your teeth and your overall oral health; not to mention putting you less at risk of gum disease and oral cancer. 


Good oral hygiene 

One of the best ways to keep your teeth whiter and protect against stains is to practise good oral hygiene. Brushing your teeth twice a day will help keep your mouth healthy, clean, and free from stains. Plaque and a build-up of tartar can lead to yellow or brownish stains on the teeth which is why you should be brushing and flossing every day. 


Visit your dentist regularly

Regular check-up and cleaning help you stay on top of your oral health and also enables the dentist or hygienist to remove any plaque when they clean your teeth. A final polish leaves them looking cleaner and brighter and often the results are so good that you don’t even need a teeth whitening treatment.

If you need a helping hand to achieve whiter teeth then get in touch with the team at Infinity Dental Care. We use Zoom Teeth Whitening which produces amazing results in less than an hour. 

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