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While dentures are made to cope with everyday tasks like biting and chewing, it’s worth remembering that these appliances aren’t as strong as real teeth. Furthermore, the same materials that make contemporary dentures look and feel like natural teeth and gums are actually pretty fragile. Add in the mix that dentures are constantly taken in and out of the mouth and it’s easy to see how they can become broken, chipped or damaged. 

In reality, a broken denture is technically useless as it’s unable to carry out its proper function. So if you have a denture crisis and want to know how to fix broken dentures then don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place.

In this post we’re going to talk you through your broken denture options and tell you exactly what you need to do should your denture break. So, without further ado, let’s get started.


Step #1 –  Never try to fix a broken denture yourself

Modern dentures are actually custom-crafted dental appliances, precision made to fit the exacting contours of your mouth. So even if you are a dab hand at DIY, a home repair really isn’t a good idea. 

Any incorrect adjustments during the repair process could leave you with an ill-fitting and uncomfortable denture, or a denture that moves around in the mouth because it no longer fits your gums. Either way, the outcome isn’t great. 


A word about Superglue

As tempting as it seems to repair a hairline crack or a slight chip with superglue – don’t!

  • For starters, the glue is water-soluble so when placed in damp areas like your mouth, it’s highly unlikely that the repair will hold.
  • Secondly, dental ceramic isn’t a good conductor for household glues. Consequently, your broken denture could warp.
  • Finally, remember, it’s got to go in your mouth. Superglue can give off toxins which may be harmful when ingested, so this isn’t a good idea.

So what should you do instead?


Step #2 – Call us for a broken denture appointment

tips on how to fix broken dentures sandstone pointIf you have chipped, cracked or broken dentures of any description, call us for a broken dentures appointment. You’ll need to explain what has happened and which part of the denture needs repairing and from there, we’ll assist you in getting the problem sorted. 

Our dental team normally set aside time each day for emergency appointments anyway, so if you rely completely on your denture to speak, chew and eat, then it may be considered an urgent repair and we’ll do all we can to fit you in.

What about if there is a delay between the denture accident and denture repair? Is there anything you can do to temporarily fix broken dentures?


Step #3 –  If in doubt, source a denture repair kit

If you really are concerned about how to fix broken dentures in the short term while waiting for an appointment, then you may want to consider sourcing a denture repair kit. These are available from most pharmacies throughout Australia and may help you out of a sticky situation. Do bear in mind, however, that a broken denture repair kit should only ever be used as a temporary fix but should be sufficient enough to tide you over until you get to see us.


Step #4 – Follow through on your appointment

While to all accounts, your broken denture repair is working, it’s still important to follow through with your denture repair appointment. 


Because, despite what the manufacturers tell you, denture repair kits are only designed to be a temporary solution.

Our dentist will take a closer look at the cause of the problem and if the damage is minor like a chipped tooth, we may even be able to get it repaired for you that same day.

Alternatively, if your broken denture is severely damaged and needs sending to our trusted lab for repair, then we’ll happily fit you with a temporary denture. Either way, you’ll never be left without a set of fully-functioning teeth. That’s our promise to you! 

So there you have it, the steps you should take if you have broken dentures and one step you definitely shouldn’t be following!

If you want to know more about how to fix broken dentures or need help with your partial or full denture repair, then come and talk to the team at Sandstone Point Dental. We have an excellent working relationship with our local dental laboratory and can carry out a quality repair quicker than you might think.

We can also assist with hints and tips on looking after your dentures or give guidance on how to get the most out of your dentures including when to have them relined. Whatever your denture problem, you can rest assured that we guarantee a high degree of sympathetic and urgent care that will get you back smiling, talking and chewing with confidence once again. 


Call our dental practice today on 07 5429 5628 to book your urgent broken denture repair. Remember our highly experienced team are here to assist you in your time of need.